If you aren't already aware, a huge part of Andy and April's life is their ministry - providing Christian counseling and helping  women and girls out of the worldwide sexual slavery trade.  Andy donates 100% of his musical royalties since 2012 have been directed to this focus.

In Pakistan, it is common for households to have what they call "house cleaners".  Many of these women and girls are not performing house cleaning tasks but instead are "used" for sexual purposes.  Families are often desperate for money and "sell" themselves or their daughters to these households.

Working through a pastoral network in Gujranwala, Pakistan, they and dear friends - Fiaz and Zeenat - are all working to change the lives of these girls.

How do they accomplish this?

By focusing on finding alternative ways to earn money, the ministry can still help families earn but without the suffering of the women and girls. It began with the development of a "sewing school program" located in Gujranwala with graduates receiving a sewing machine upon completion. They are equipped to earn money and provide stability for their family. Success has happened over this ten-years plus! They are taught how to read and write while being introduced to the Bible, which was printed in Urdu. They are taught about the saving grace of Christ and His teachings in a loving, non-judgmental way. 

The ministry now graduates hundreds of girls a year. They are given a state-sponsored diploma and can work anywhere in the country legitimately.

The Good Shepherd School was started to help teach children from the brickyards to read and write. It has grown to include science and art. These children work in the yards making bricks from mud and straw. Andy and April are committed to supporting the education and growth of the often-forgotten populations in Pakistan and elsewhere. The ministry recently added a "beautician" school and a clean water dispensary.

Andy and April also do much work in the states helping those in need - recently including providing shoes and socks or other needs to homeless they meet on the streets or in their daily lives.

"It is a wonderful miracle to behold Positrons!" ... Andy Lindquist

If you would ever like to be a part of our ministry or donate to this wonderful cause, contact us at itsallaboutthegirl@msn.com for more details or click on the link below to donate through PayPal. 

Don't forget to add a memo "Donation to the ministry. Attention Fiaz Anwar". 


100% of your money goes directly to helping. No middleman, no fees - all done for the betterment of humanity. We believe that every person in all of the world deserves to know Christ and His infinite mercy, without judgment.